Only flush paper, poo and pee to keep your pipes blockage free

Changing Salisbury’s flushing habits

Our campaign aimed at reducing the number of blocked sewers in Salisbury has been hailed a success after independent research showed an increase in awareness of what shouldn’t be flushed and a decrease in the amount of blockages in the city.

The ‘Be Smart, Love Your Loo’ campaign was launched to address the high sewer blockage problem in Salisbury, where there are more blockages than anywhere else in the Wessex Water region because of people flushing items like wet wipes, particularly so-called “flushable wipes”.

The campaign ran across October and November 2014, and results show that in December Salisbury experienced the lowest amount of sewer blockages in 52 months. It was also the best December on record for the city.

Billboards, adverts in the press and on local radio station Spire FM and other PR material was produced and appeared around the city. We also worked closely with Spire FM and its ‘Cash for Christmas’ competition, which not only gave people the chance to win cash in the run-up to Christmas, but to also win an iPad Air, if they pledged to love their loo and put wipes in the bin.

Education advisers spoke to community and baby and toddler groups and we even opened Petersfinger sewage treatment works to drive home the message. Visits were made to Salisbury hospital, libraries and schools.

While there is still more number crunching to do, the early signs are positive with December showing the lowest number of blockages ever recorded since records began nearly 10 years ago.

Further analysis will be carried out over the next couple of months. The campaign may be rolled out to another town or city in the near future.

Although the campaign in Salisbury has come to an end, you can still make the pledge by clicking the ‘Make Your Pledge’ link above.

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